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Fernleigh Track

The Fernleigh Track is one of the region's most popular shared pathways, running along an old railway corridor from Belmont to Adamstown. The track takes a gradual journey from suburbia through beautiful bush and wetland areas with wildlife often present.

The connecting point between the cities of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle is marked with a 180 metre-long former railway tunnel. Many other heritage railway relics are spread along the length of the track, with old sleepers, signage and former stations working to create unique resting points along the way.

Distance: 15.9km
Difficulty  Level: Easy
Start Point: Railway Pde, Belmont
Facilties: Street parking available at Belmont, Jewells, Redhead & Whitebridge
Access: Railway Pde Belmont, Wommara Ave Jewells Oakdale Rd Gateshead, Cowlishaw St Redhead, Station St, Whitebridge & Dibbs St Adamstown
Cost: No associated costs with this walk