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Upper Allyn River

Some beautiful visitor areas in the State forests of the Lower Barrington Tops can be found in Chichester State Forest, accessed via Dungog or Gresford. Chichester State Forest is divided into two distinct areas, the western side centred on the Allyn River and the eastern side centred on the Telegherry River.

Access to sites around Allyn River is via Dungog or Gresford, about 2 hours drive from Newcastle or 3.5 hours from Sydney. Coming from Gresford, the road crosses a number of causeways that may be impassable during periods of heavy rain.

For access to sites along Telegherry River, take Chichester Dam Road from Dungog and turn right into Wangat road to get into the forest. Visitor sites can be accessed from Wangat, Middle Ridge Frying Pan Road.

Allyn River Forest Park:- The Allyn River Forest Park is a great day use area for swimming, bushwalking, relaxing or four-wheel-driving. The nearby swimming hole at Ladies Well is a cool refreshing swimming hole that is perfect for a dip in the warmer summer months.

Old Camp:- Old Camp is positioned closest to the Allyn River with shady, spacious camp sites. Nearby, Dobbie Rim is a grassy clearing perfect for families or groups. A little further from the river is Pademelon Park, with its large, secluded sites divided by trees. This site is recommended to groups of campers who wish to have a good time without disturbing other campers and forest visitors.

Ladies Well:- A picturesque swimming spot with cascades where you can relax on warm rocks or swim in the cool Allyn waters.

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